Racing Blade

Sizes : 4.9 5.6 6.3 7.0 7.8 8.6 9.2 9.6

Loftsails Racing Blade designs enjoy a long history of competition success… Spindler-designed Blades have claimed 3 absolute World Speed Records*, Speedsailing World Cup Championships in 2008 & 2009**, PWA slalom victory in 2010** and 3rd mens slalom PWA 2011 (Ben Van Der Steen).

Racing Blades on the podium! Lena Erdil, Ben van der Steen,  Antone Questel and Ludo Jossin  stepped onto the podium during the PWA 2012 slalom season, placing Loftsails 3rd for 2012 in the PWA constructors ranking.
Racing Blades on the speed course- at Luderitz, Namibia in November 2012, Patrik Diethelm (51.45 knots, 2nd Gps speedsurfing and Lena Erdil (45.94 knots!) demonstrated their competitive speeds…  Racing Blades are FAST.

The new 2013 version of the Racing Blade design is designed & built specifically for ultra-competitive racing- slalom and speed.
Racing Blades 2013 include The Loft’s exclusive Internal Batten Tensioner System (ITS): This exclusive Racing Blade feature results in a lighter, smoother, more aerodynamically reactive leech.  The ITS moves tensioning assemblies  forward- behind the mast for improved rig inertia.

Racing Blade designs are unique:
-X Core upper body panels.

-NEW !! Leech Tuning System
A critical area of competitive slalom racing designs is the rig’s upper leech.  This area is the rig’s exhaust, similar to the engine exhaust of racing cars and motorcycles.  Loftsails LTS is two additional intermediate horizontal seams between the upper battens.  These intermediates allow Racing Blade upper leech fine tuning- optimizing leech release.  LTS makes the most of your exhaust- gently extracting power over the entire leech from clew to head.  Feel the result on the water- Racing Blades are race winning performance “out of the box”.
Loftsails Exclusif !!
-ITS Internal Batten Tensioning System: top 3 all-carb tube battens with the batten tensioners located at the front, behind the mast: weight optimization for extreme leech response.
-Internal Kevlar strip applications define shape profiles and maintain stability.  Both vertical and horizontal (at cams) orientation.
-Racing Blade mast pocket construction: mast panel and SUPERX mast pocket sides (3 layers) are tensioned directly (under eyelet):  downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket, resulting in the Racing Blades’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge.
-Alternate side batten pocket applications with xply pockets (centered battens).
-Sensitip head batten system.
-Teckams- simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable.  Sdm & Rdm compatibility.  4 Teckams with all Racing Blade sizes.
-Metallic cam interfaces.
-All Racing Blades are engineered with “Super tubes”; 100% carbon battens in specific locations.

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